Read your favorite manga online or offline


With its simple, elegant and adaptive interface, this manga reader allows you to search, sort and read all your favorite manga with ease.

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Why you will love Komikku?

  • Online and offline reading from dozens of servers
  • Support for locally stored manga (in CBZ or CBR formats)
  • RTL, LTR, Vertical and Webtoon reading modes
  • Several types of navigation:
    • Keyboard arrow keys
    • Right and left navigation layout via mouse click or tapping (touchpad/touch screen)
    • Mouse wheel
    • 2-fingers swipe gesture (touchpad)
    • Swipe gesture (touch screen)
  • Categories to organize your library
  • Automatic update of manga
  • Automatic download of new chapters
  • Reading history
  • Light and dark themes




Download on Flathub
flatpak --user install info.febvre.Komikku

Hack or contribute

Komikku is written using Python 3 and GTK4/Libadwaita. It’s free software, released under the GPLv3 license. Feel free to browse the source code on the GitLab repository, fork it, make changes or open issues!

You don’t have any programming skills, it’s not a problem. There are other forms of contributions, for example:


Have you found a bug? Do you want a new feature? Whatever the case, opening an issue is never a bad idea. You can do that on Komikku’s issues page.